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Newcastle International College

Student services

NIC students have access to a range of support services and campus facilities to ensure a smooth academic and emotional transition to university level study.

Students are encouraged to use the support services and facilities provided and to contact NIC Student and Academic Services staff for advice and assistance as soon as the need arises. Staff members are available for individual appointments.

Disability support

NIC is committed to providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities and promotes strategies to develop a flexible teaching and learning environment which is able to meet the needs of a diverse range of students.

NIC encourages students to provide information (including medical or other professional advice) regarding the nature of their disability and special needs during the application and enrolment process. It is important that students provide NIC with these details as early as possible so that we can assess students' support needs and ensure that they are able to succeed in their chosen program of study.

NIC is committed to providing a teaching and learning environment which promotes dignity, acknowledges students' rights to privacy and confidentiality, and promotes an awareness of students' needs and rights. NIC has hearing loops in all its classrooms for the hearing impaired and is able to make reasonable accommodations to support students with disabilities throughout their studies and ensure that they have equal access to the teaching and learning environment.

Academic support

NIC will support you on the journey to becoming an independent learner. A range of support services and programs are offered to ensure students achieve their academic potential while also developing personally and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

The services and programs outlined below are available to all students and are provided at no additional cost.

Academic and welfare guidance

NIC offers individual academic and welfare counselling to students seeking additional assistance. A team of qualified and highly experienced advisers are available and students seeking assistance are encouraged to make individual appointments.

Additional academic assistance

Academic advisers conduct regular workshops in skill areas essential to university studies including time management, goal setting, essay preparation, examination techniques, stress and relaxation.

NIC lecturers are available for individual consultations and students are encouraged to contact their lecturer to make an appointment.

Learning support service

NIC advisers provide weekly sessions for students with questions related to learning. This service offers individual advice on interpreting essay and assignment questions, exam strategies, academic English and effective study techniques.

Pass program

Extra tutorials are provided each week for selected units. These are organised to offer support to students who require further explanation of key concepts and assistance with assessment preparation.

Peer mentoring program

This program helps students to adapt to their new learning environment. An experienced senior student, who is trained as a mentor, welcomes each new student, provides information about academic and campus life and offers ongoing support during their initial semester at NIC.

NIC orientation and enrolment

Orientation days are held each semester during the week prior to the commencement of classes. Important information needed to succeed at NIC is provided and attendance is essential for all new students. During orientation students are organised into small groups, each led by a mentor. Students attend an information session, design their own personal timetable, complete administrative tasks and join their group for a campus tour and a shared lunch.

Learning environment

Universities encourage creative and independent thinking, providing the opportunity for students to develop academically, professionally and personally. The learning environment provided at NIC ensures students adapt to and succeed in their future studies at university.

NIC classroom environment

Small classes (maximum 50 students per lecture and 25 students per tutorial) encourage higher levels of lecturer/student interaction. This provides NIC students with the opportunity to receive individual attention and gain a solid understanding of their area of study. To further enhance the student learning experience, all NIC lecture rooms contain state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, allowing lecturers to deliver course content using interactive technologies including video, audio, DVD and visual presentations.

NIC student population

NIC has a diverse student population with students coming from over 50 countries. NIC is an ideal environment to make lifelong friends, establish international networks and experience the Australian culture.

Computer facilities

NIC students enjoy access to six computer laboratories located close to the NIC building, including free usage of over 200 computers, internet connection, printing facilities and access to online study material. Dedicated IT personnel are available to assist students. NIC students are also encouraged to make use of the wireless internet available on campus.

Online technology at NIC

The NIC student portal is an online communication tool that allows students to choose their units, enrol, receive exam results, check exam dates and obtain other critical information. Students are also encouraged to participate in online student forums.