Diploma of Information Technology

The Diploma of Information Technology leads to year 2 of the Bachelor of Information Technology, ranked in the top 200 in the world by the 2015 QS World Subject Rankings. This degree gives all graduates core skills in building software that uses complex databases and sophisticated web interfaces suitable for the corporate office or the mobile phone. Students can choose from a number of major areas of study ranging from the building of commercial applications to the creation of digital media for entertainment or game playing.

Your direct pathway to the University of Newcastle


Year Total 2018 Program Fees (A$)





Standard Track: 12 months (3 trimesters)

Fast Track: 8 months (2 trimesters)


February, June, October




Select eight courses comprising of three core courses plus the five courses specified for each specialisation:

Core Courses

  • COMP1050 Internet Communication
  • INFT1001 Foundations of Information Technology 1
  • INFT1004 Introduction to Programming

Digital Media and Entertainment

  • CMNS1230 Foundations of Media Production
  • INFT1201 Digital Technologies for Media and Entertainment
  • CMNS1000 Introduction to Digital Communication
  • Plus two directed electives offered at NIC

Enterprise Information Technology (choose 5)

  • NICACFI1001 Accounting for Decision Makers
  • NICACFI1002 Accounting Practice
  • CMNS1290 Introduction to Public Relations
  • NICECON1001 Microeconomics for Business Decisions
  • NICIRHR1001 Managing the Organisation
  • NICSTAT1060 Business Decision Making
  • NICMKTG2100 Principles of Marketing

Software Development and Applications

  • GENG1003 Introduction to Procedural Programming
  • Plus four directed electives offered at NIC

Next level of study

Entry into Year 2 of:

  • Bachelor of Information Technology in Digital Media and Entertainment
  • Bachelor of Information Technology in Data Analytics
  • Bachelor of Information Technology in Enterprise Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology in Software Development and Applications
  • Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Business (combined degree)

Popular Careers

This three year degree opens up a range of career opportunities for you. You will be able to use the latest information technology to create a number of applications for customers and users.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Information Technology from the University of Newcastle are employed as:

  • business analysts and system architects for major international IT companies
  • software developers for companies and government organisations in mining, healthcare, retailing, and a range of manufacturing
  • database administrators for transport companies and major government organisations
  • animators and effects coordinators in digital media companies
  • website developers for a broad range of organisations
  • knowledge management specialists, project managers and system analysts
  • programmers on major software applications for commercial software vendors

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