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Newcastle International College

Conditions of Enrolment

A student's acceptance of an offer and payment of fees constitutes a contract between the applicant and NIC, and is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of NSW.


The approximate fees per period indicated on the offer letter are subject to change in accordance with fee increases and the number of subjects enrolled within any given study period.

Fees must be paid for each study period before the commencement of the study period.

Accepting students are expected to have the financial capacity to meet the costs of their studies, living expenses and Overseas Health Cover for the duration of their stay in Australia.

Visa Conditions

Students will be required to obtain and maintain a visa that permits study as a full-time enrolled student in Australia for the duration of their studies. If the study period is extended beyond the period of the visa granted, the student will be responsible for visa and related costs.

Students are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover and for any accompanying family members in Australia. Students agree for NIC to arrange an OSHC policy on their behalf if proof of purchase of a policy has not been provided. NIC will purchase OSHC through health provider Allianz.

Students will be required to comply with all conditions attached to their visa. NIC may report any suspected breaches of visa conditions to the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA), and this may result in cancellation of the student visa. Some of the conditions as outlined by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) include:

  • Completing an academic program within the duration specified in the CoE
  • Maintaining satisfactory attendance and course progress
  • Sufficient funds to cover course fees and living expenses while in Australia
  • Students who wish to change their education provider before completing the first 6 months of their principal course must obtain a release letter from their institution and submit an application to DHA. If the visa package includes both NIC and University of Newcastle, the principal course is the University of Newcastle degree
  • Students must inform DHA if they change their student status or withdraw from the course they are enrolled in
  • Students must extend their student visa before it expires
  • Students are required to advise NIC of changes to their Australian address within 7 days

More information can be accessed from

Students Under 18

Students under 18 years of age upon arrival in Australia must have accommodation arrangements deemed acceptable by the Australian Government. For further information please contact NIC.

Change of Visa Status

Students who are granted permanent residency before the census date for a study period (trimester or semester) will be required to contact NIC to discuss future enrolment arrangements. The census date is defined as Week 4 of that study period.

Refund Policy

Withdrawal from single course(s)
Weeks 1 - 4 100% of course fee
No penalty
After week 4 No refund and liability for any outstanding tuition fees
Withdrawal from program (in any semester):
Visa Refusal (proof of refusal will be necessary) Note: this does not apply to visa renewals rejected due to breaches in visa conditions 100% of program fee
Less a A$200 administrative fee
More than 10 weeks prior to commencement 100% of the program fee
Less a A$500 administrative fee
More than 4 weeks and up to 10 weeks prior to commencement 70% of the program fee
4 weeks or less prior to commencement of the program 40% of the program fee
Weeks 1 - 4 30% of the program fee
Less a A$500 administrative fee
Leave of Absence
Leave during weeks 1 - 4 Fees transferred to the subsequent study period. Subsequent withdrawal will incur a refund applicable as at the date of receipt of the leave of absence notification.
Deferral of program
Deferral to subsequent semester No penalty, monies held until commencement. Subsequent withdrawal will incur a refund applicable as at date of receipt of the withdrawal notification.
Cancellation from program by NIC
Cancellation due to breach of visa conditions, misconduct or unsatisfactory course progression No refund and liability for that semester's tuition fees.

Applications for a refund should be made on the Request for Refund form available on the NIC website. The form should be forwarded to NIC as soon as possible after the reason for a refund arises.

Refunds will be paid within 4 weeks in the case of student default, and 2 weeks in the case of NIC default.

Written notification is required for deferrals, withdrawals, leaves of absence and cancellations.

International students who withdraw from their programs will have their COEs cancelled, which may also result in visa cancellation.


International students are protected by the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) legislative framework available at