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  • You have electronic copies of your academic transcripts, which you will need to attach to your online application.

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Please note that NIC does not accept applicants who are either Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens or Australian permanent residents.

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Newcastle International College (NIC)

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Conditions of Enrolment

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Applicant Declaration

I declare that the information I have supplied on this form is, to the best of my understanding and belief, complete and correct.

I have read and understood the published course information in the brochure or website and I have sufficient information about NIC to enrol.

I authorise NIC to provide my personal information, including my contact details and enrolment details, to third parties in accordance with NIC's Privacy policy. These third parties include education agents who, in some cases, may need to assist students with their applications.

I give permission for NIC to obtain official records from any educational institution attended by me and from the University of Newcastle following my studies at NIC.

I authorise NIC to provide any relevant personal information to the University of Newcastle and Navitas Ltd to facilitate the issue of a student ID card and the use of the University of Newcastle and Navitas Ltd library resources.

I authorise both bodies to retain my photo image for identification purposes.

I also authorise NIC to supply my contact details and any relevant official records to educational institutions to which I am eligible to gain admission.

I authorise NIC to provide my personal information, including my contact details, program enrolment details and (if applicable) the circumstances of any suspected breach of student visa conditions, to the following bodies:

  • the Australian Government’s designated authorities;
  • the Tuition Protection Service;
  • the ESOS Assurance Fund Manager; and
  • third party service providers (such as electronic storage providers and organisations which may assist in the processing and finalisation of my application).

In other instances information collected on this form and during my enrolment can be disclosed without my consent where authorised or required by law.

I understand that giving false or incomplete information may lead to my application being refused or my enrolment cancelled.

It is an offence to submit fraudulent documentation in support of my application.

If fraudulent documentation is detected: my application will be rejected;

  • if an offer has been made, it will be withdrawn; and
  • if a visa has been issued to me, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will be notified; and
  • other relevant authorities (such as the NSW Police and the Independent Commission against Corruption) may also be notified.

I have read and fully understand NIC’s privacy policy which is located at

I accept liability for payment of all fees as explained in this brochure or website and I agree to abide by the refund policy as specified.

I also understand that additional fees may be incurred if the year of commencement of study varies from the year of application submitted.

I agree to abide by the NIC academic rules and policies as published on the website and portal.

I have also read the section relating to cost of living in Australia and I confirm that I am able to meet these costs.

I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain my Overseas Health Cover while I am studying in Australia.

I also understand that if I am not enrolled at NIC my OSHC membership automatically expires.

I give NIC permission to access my current visa status through the DIBP Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) website

Privacy and Consent Declaration
  1. Our Privacy Policy, outlines how the information you provide us, will allow us to deal with your enquiry; to assess your application and, provide you with an outcome.
  2. We will also be able to provide you with the information about the course you have applied for; the College; the Partner University and, our local community. It is really important that you read and understand the Privacy Policy and the Recording of Live Course Work Policy.
  3. If you have questions about the Privacy Policy or how your personal information will be managed, please email: and ask your question/s.
Applicant Declaration

If you agree to how we intend managing your personal information, by ticking the boxes below, we may contact you to provide you with relevant information on other courses that we offer, as well as other services offered by the College, University Partner or Navitas Group.

It is important for you to know and understand that if you choose NOT TO CONSENT to us contacting you in this way, that we will be unable to provide you with information about some of the services we offer such as the type of accommodation we offer, or our Airport Meet and Greet service.

I understand I can opt out of a recorded session by:
  • not attending at all;
  • muting my microphone; and/or
  • turning off my camera.